We, as members of the Oxnard Police Department, are committed to the following core values in providing the people of Oxnard with personalized and effective service:

  • We value honesty and integrity.
  • We value the cultural diversity within our community and within our department.
  • We value the partnerships we form with all members of our community.
  • We value a strong work ethic.
  • We value a reverence for all laws.
  • We value the public’s trust.
  • We value respect for others.

A Message From The Chief

On behalf of the Oxnard Police Department, I am proud to welcome you to our website!

Our focus with our work continues to be on our Core Values, which embrace respect a strong work ethic, community partnerships, reverence for all laws, cultural diversity, honesty and integrity, and a value for the public's trust.

Please take a look, and let us know what you think.

News Releases

NEWS RELEASE   DATE:            September 29, 2023 SUBJECT:     Firearm Arrest SUSPECTS:  Carlos Velasquez, 19 year-old Oxnard Resident      LOCATION:   4800 block of Olds Road CONTACT:    Jose Velazquez, Sergeant                       (805) 385-7623 (Tue-Fri 10AM-8PM) jose.velazquez@oxnardpd.org     The Oxnard Police Department...

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   NEWS RELEASE   DATE:           September 28, 2023, at 12:00 P.M. SUBJECT:    Suspect Arrested for Murder LOCATION: 700 block of Cooper Road, Oxnard            VICTIM:       Oscar Rodriguez, 44-year-old Oxnard Resident SUSPECT:    Omar Romo, 34-year-old Oxnard Resident CONTACT:  Jess Aragon, Sergeant...

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NEWS RELEASE   DATE/TIME:            September 23, 2023 / 10:30PM SUBJECT:               Firearm Arrest SUSPECT:               Manuel Lopez, 43 year old Oxnard Resident LOCATION:             400 block of S. Ventura Road, Oxnard CONTACT:               Kevin Baysinger, Commander  ...

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NEWS RELEASE   DATE/TIME:             September 21, 2023 / 11:15PM SUBJECT:                Firearm Arrest SUSPECT:                Irma Garcia, 38 year old Oxnard Resident      LOCATION:              San Gorgonio Avenue...

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  NEWS RELEASE   DATE:            September 20, 2023 (10:55 p.m.) SUBJECT:   Passenger in Possession of Firearm with Obliterated Serial Numbers SUSPECTS:  Louie Almanza, 25-year-old Oxnard resident LOCATION:  Riverpark Blvd. at Vineyard Ave., Oxnard CONTACT:   Bakari Myers, Sergeant                       (805) 797-6202 |...

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   NEWS RELEASE   DATE:           September 14, 2023 SUBJECT:    Narcotic Sales Arrest SUSPECT:    Brandon Flores, 41 year-old Ventura Resident        LOCATION:  Oxnard Boulevard and Vineyard Avenue, Oxnard CONTACT:   Jose Velazquez, Sergeant                       (805) 385-7620 (Tue-Fri 10AM-8PM) jose.velazquez@oxnardpd.org     On September 14,...

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